The wooden house

We offer motivated and motivated students (as well as people in the early spring, couples and travelers) to live for a while in a fully furnished wooden house and work on our farm (eg garden, fruit trees, vegetables, forestry and sheep ).

  • Living space: 20 qm
  • Room for: 1 – 2 persons
    Work & Travel
  • means: half the time you work at the farm for free food and lodging, the rest of the time you have free time to discover the Tuscany.
  • How long?: It would be good if you take at least 4 weeks total time: 2 weeks work, 2 weeks of leisure.
  • Getting there? Pisa's Airport (Ryanair, Easyjet) is just 80 km away. From there, take the train to Aulla Lunigiana, where we will pick you up by car.